David Beckham Sparks New Tattoo Rumors With Lower Back Bandage

Iconic soccer player and tattoo enthusiast, David Beckham, sparked rumors about a new tattoo earlier this week when he was spotted with a large bandage covering his lower back, following a match in Paris. Although a spokesperson for David Beckham denied the soccer star getting any new ink recently, fans began to wonder if the native Brit made a trip to the tattoo parlor when they spotted a tell-tale bandage on Beckham’s back at the end of Paris Saint-Germain’s game against fellow French team AS Nancy. The bandage in question was placed on his lower back, just above and to the right of David Beckham’s Brooklyn tattoo inked in honor of his son, in a spot where no tattoos were located previously.

Beckham’s Sons Show Signs of Tattoo Fever

David Beckham New Tattoo Bandage

David Beckham obviously loves tattoo, and he has scores of them inked on his arms, chest, neck, back and side. The majority of the soccer star’s tattoos were inspired by his loving wife, Victoria Beckham, while many of the rest were inked in honor of his three sons, Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn, and only daughter, Harper. It must be pretty cool to see your name inked on your dad’s body, and Beckham’s sons are already beginning to show an interest in returning the favor. In fact, Beckham’s ten-year-old son Romeo recently sported a fake tattoo that was identical to the “Harper” tat his dad got inked on his left collarbone when his daughter was born in 2011. Beckham also recently admitted that one of his sons asked him how old he had to be before getting his first tattoo, to which Beckham responded, “A lot older than you are now.”

Stay Up-to-Date on David Beckham’s Tattoos

Although it’s not yet clear if David Beckham actually did get a new tattoo, and, if so, what it could be of, it has been quite a while since the tattoo lover revealed a new inking, so we’re thinking this could be the real deal! Prior to these new tattoo rumors, Beckham’s most recent tattoo was the word “Love” that he had scrawled across his left hand in 2011, with an image of a swallow beside it. It’s been almost two years since Beckham got the hand tattoo – which represents family, love and loyalty – so we think it’s about time the tatted-up soccer player hit the tattoo parlor again. The question is – what could be the inspiration behind Beckham’s possible new tattoo? One possibility could be the footballer’s recent move from the Los Angeles Galaxy to Paris Saint-Germain, which was a big change for him and his family. Perhaps he opted for a tattoo honoring his former Galaxy teammates or for a tribute to his new French team. Check back and we’ll keep you updated on David Beckham’s latest tattoos!

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