David Beckham Gets a New Horse Tattoo to Go With His “Buster” Ink

Model and soccer icon David Beckham has unveiled his latest tattoo, and the ink is… (drumroll please)…an image of a horse head. We know, we were surprised too. Of all the things we expected David Beckham to get tattooed on his body, a horse was definitely not one of them, but it’s obvious that the horse image has some sort of personal meaning for the 41-year-old, who said earlier this year that “tattoos are a way of me expressing deeper feelings about the things I care about and love.” He also remarked, “[I] think Victoria’s given up on telling me to stop now. She used to. She used to say, ‘Do you have to?’ But she knows it makes me happy.”

We first spotted David Beckham’s new tattoo while the 41-year-old was enjoying a night out to dinner on Saturday night, but it wasn’t until Victoria Beckham posted on Instagram on Sunday that we saw David’s horse tattoo in all its glory. The fresh ink, which is located on the right side of his neck, features an image of a horse head, done in black and gray ink, and was tattooed at one of David’s favorite tattoo shops – Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, California. Victoria captioned the snap of David Beckham’s horse tattoo, “Amazing artist Mark Mahoney @shamrocksocialclub @davidbeckham x kisses from Los Angeles.”

david beckham horse neck tattoo

This new tattoo for David Beckham, who has dozens and dozens of tats inked all across his body, is located just below the “Buster” tattoo he had done just last year, as a tribute to his eldest son Brooklyn. In addition to his “Buster” tat, David has scores of other tattoos inked in honor of his loved ones, and it’s possible this new horse ink may actually be a nod to his wife of 17 years, Victoria. There’s no word yet on the actual meaning behind David’s new neck tattoo, but we all know that Victoria Beckham is obsessed with horses, and the couple has even been spotted riding horses together on family vacations.

If David’s horse tattoo is, in fact, a tribute to Victoria, the ink joins several other tattoos the model has gotten over the years to show his love and support for his wife, including a Sanskrit tattoo of her name on his arm, a tiny “99” tattoo on his pinkie finger representing the year they were married, a Hebrew tattoo on his arm reading “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,” and an anniversary tattoo on his wrist of Roman numerals symbolizing a secret commitment ceremony they took part in in 2006, among others. What do you all think of David Beckham’s new horse tattoo? Is it a tribute to Victoria, a symbol of his own love for horses, or something else entirely??

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