David Beckham Neck Tattoos


When it comes to David Beckhams tattoos, you thought he could do no wrong, right? After all, David Beckham is known as much for his fashion sense and his tattoo collection as he is for his skills on the soccer field, and most of the attention has been positive. Fans of David Beckham adore the soccer star’s tribute tattoos to sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, for example, as well as his new chest tat for baby Harper. And despite the minor snafu associated with Beckham’s misspelled “Victoria” arm tat, David Beckham’s sleeve tattoos and other body tats have also garnered positive attention from the media. David Beckhams neck tattoo, however…not so much.

Neck tattoos are common among women with long hair who can cover up the tat if they want to. For guys like Beckham though, you better be sure you love your neck tat, because it’s going to be seen every time you step out of the house. David Beckham’s neck tattoo was one of the first pieces of art the soccer star got inked on his body (and he’s gotten over a dozen more since), but it’s one that both fans and foes will have fresh on their minds every time they see Beckham…from behind, that is.David Beckham Neck Tattoo

Winged Cross Tattoo

In the midst of the 2004 UEFA Championships, David Beckham decided that he needed a new tattoo…immediately. So what did he do? He had the Manchester-based celebrity tattoo artist Louis Malloy, who has inked most of David Beckham’s tattoos, flown in to Madrid to ink his neck tattoo. David Beckhams neck tattoo features a four-by-six-inch, Gothic-style outline of a cross accompanied by two intricately-inked angel’s wings. David Beckham’s tattoo is located on the back of his neck, just above the “Romeo” tat Beckham had inked in 2002, and loosely mimics the winged guardian angel inked on Beckham’s back. David Beckhams tattoo was inked on the same day the international soccer star announced that he would be staying with Real Madrid, and that his wife and children would be moving to Spain to join him.

David Beckham Neck TattoosAlthough Beckham was pleased with the results of his neck tattoo, British fans had mixed reactions. According to some, the winged cross neck tattoo and newly Beckham’s shaved head made him look like a “hooligan.” When David Beckhan’s tattoo graced the cover of The Mirror in 2004, the tabloid said the design, stretching from ear to ear, left the shaven Beckham “looking more like a soccer thug than the England captain,” while the top-selling Sun newspaper said Beckham had gone from “fab to yob.” Curious about David Beckhams tattoo meaning? According to Malloy, “It’s a religious iconography. Like a protective talisman over his children.” He continued, “David just loves his tattoos. He’s a very good customer.”

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